Things to Know Before Taking off to a Kyoto Trip

Things to Know Before Taking off to a Kyoto Trip

Have you ever thought of going on a Tokyo trip? – There are many things you need to do before you take off to Tokyo and we are here to show you 10 of them. If you think that this will be just like any other trips you’ve been recently, it’s definitely not. Every person in this world needs to visit Tokyo at least once in their lifetime. Here are the 10 things you need to know for the Tokyo trip:

The hospitality there is on the highest level. This is a part of their national tradition and it’s called omotenashi. Many of the employed people aren’t expecting from you to give them tips. Not only this is not expected, they won’t accept your gratitude and kindness.

While every city in the world has an unwritten rule of walking on the right side, Tokyo residents walk on the left side. It’s a really crowded city and if you have decided to visit it, try walking left if you don’t want to get lost. There is one exception of this rule and that is when you are on an escalator. You need to stand left, but walk on the right side.

  • Smoke inside, drink outside

Your Tokyo trip will be full of surprises. One of these surprises is seeing people how they drink on the outside of the bar and smoke inside. If you smoke outside you risk being stopped by a street patrol. You will even notice signs that show you where the smoking is forbidden.

  • One ticket for everything

If you are using the public transport, you will need only one ticket for everything. Every system the public transport uses requires its own ticket, but Tokyo has rechargeable Pasmo and Suica cards. As soon as you arrive, you can purchase this from any ticket machine.

Tokyo has many historic buildings where you can find your peace and enjoy. Many people go there in order to have a moment for themselves and get away of the crowd.

Sento, which is Japanese for bathhouse, are the public places where people attend when they don’t have time to go home and have a bath or don’t have bathtub. All public baths have one price and that is ¥450. It doesn’t matter if the place is historic, modern, old, etc, the bathhouses have the same price.

Wherever you go all you will hear is ‘welcome’. Of course, you won’t hear them say it in English, but you will always hear they say Irasshaimase. This is the polite way of saying welcome.

If you heard many people say that the sushi in Tokyo is the best they ever had, they are not wrong. Whether you snap a free ticket to enter the Tsukiji market or eat somewhere else, you will taste the best sushi you have ever tasted. After this, you will not want to eat sushi somewhere else.

  • Don’t search for free Wi-Fi

This is still in development, try carrying a pocket Wi-Fi transmitter.

Your Tokyo trip will be full with bacon. You won’t even imagine where you will find bacon. When you want to eat a sandwich without a meat, don’t be surprised if there is a slice of ham or bacon in it. Meat means beef there.