Sponsored Post: Make it happen in Singapore!

Sponsored Post: Make it happen in Singapore!

Singapore aims to be a global city with linkages to key centres of the world, and a home base
to leading international corporations and international talents.

With the world as its arena, Singapore’s open economic policies, willingness to learn and adapt
to global trends, and the country ‘s partnerships with business and foreign governments have
allowed it to tap resources beyond itself. Singapore has innovatively overcome its limitations to

This philosophy has enabled it to progress, transforming Singapore into Singapore Unlimited.

The Singapore Unlimited vision articulates Singapore’s aspirations to become a first league
developed nation and its strategies to enhance its economic activities in an integrated, holistic
manner, using a total systems approach.

Through the co-operation and support of all parties – political leaders and government,
institutions and academia, chambers of commerce and trade associations, industrialists and
labour, foreign investors and local companies, the people, and all who have identified themselves
to be the nation ‘s stakeholders – the vision for Singapore will be achieved in harmony and with
measurable success for each party.

Together, these stakeholders form Singapore, working together like entities in a large
corporation. Each responsible for a specific aspect of Singapore’s value chain. Each working
as a team to support, all the way from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, and add value to our business partners.

The Singapore spirit has contributed to the nation’s present success. It believes that by
borrowing strengths from one another, Singapore and its partners will realise the promises of a
new age. Singapore believes that through sharing, it will be empowered to achieve a whole new
Singapore Unlimited with unlimited opportunities and potential wealth.

Singapore invites you to discover how it can help you soar to greater heights. Together, we will
realise an unlimited tomorrow.

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