Remote Islands To Be Placed Under Japan’s State Control

Remote Islands To Be Placed Under Japan’s State Control

Tokyo, Japan – Two hundred and eighty remote islands might soon be put under the state control of Japan.

On Tuesday, one of the senior ministers said that the government of Japan is planning to put these islands under its responsibility since they are within the nation’s territorial waters.

The future move is aiming to strengthen the management over these islands.

According to Ichita Yamamoto, the Minister for Ocean Policy and Territorial Issues, it is among the plans of the government of Japan to have these remote islands registered as the country’s state property.

The 280 Remote Islands

Based on reports, the said islands are just among over 400 remote ones that are found within the territorial waters of the nation.

Most of them still have no names, but they have been located on what has been defined as the territory of Japan.

Ichita also added that almost 100 of the islands have already undergone registration to be an official property of the state.

They have been seen by Japan as a part of its exclusive and wider economic zone.

Most of them have also been venues for Japan’s research activities and marine explorations. However, it has been said that the great deal regarding these islands remains “unknown” to the public and even to the researchers.

Criticisms On Yamamoto

According to Yamamoto, he has been receiving criticisms on the slow process of gathering information about the remote islands.

As a response, he said that he will do whatever he can to hasten the accomplishment of the project. He also expressed his strong wish to have the survey finished by June.

Yamamoto also mentioned that the 280 unclaimed islands are all properties of Japan based on the law of the country.

In addition, the registration that they are trying to pursue will give the Japanese government the opportunity to have a more effective management over the islands.

The announcement made on Tuesday came when Japan got involved in disputes against neighboring countries regarding concerns on territories and on the existence of the remote islands.

Some of the countries Japan had conflicts with are South Korea and China, which caused tensions within the region.

There have been conflicts between China and Japan, including the one which happened in September 2012.

This was when both Japan and China claimed three among the Diaoyu islands found in the East China Sea. The earlier conflicts between the two nations provoked Chinese mass protests.