We recognize the importance of protecting the personal information of customers who receive your use of the site, the following policy has been carefully handled on the basis of.

1. Collection of Personal Information On
our website, we ask you to provide your personal information in the following cases.
· When applying for accommodation reservation
· When applying for other facilities and services
· When registering member information
· When requesting
various materials · When answering various questionnaires

2. Purpose of use of personal information
personal information you provide on our web site, was allowed to use only if the following
Masu Dakiki.
· When  responding to accommodation reservations, conducting checking work · When answering inquiries · conducting checking
· mailing to desired customers in case of consent from customers
· product development · improvement in service When conducting statistics / analysis
· When you need to contact the customer for some reason from us.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties We
will not disclose personal information you provide to third parties except in the following cases .
· When consent from customers is received
· When requested based on laws and
ordinances · Outsourcing parties that imposed confidentiality obligation on system management
· Outsourcing parties that imposed confidentiality obligation on system management

4. Safety
Management of Personal Information The Company will pay close attention to the safety management of personal information
and take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss, etc.
This website protects personal information sent by customers through SSL encrypted communication