Japanese to build a transit system in Bangkok

Japanese to build a transit system in Bangkok

As part of Japan’s goal to expand its railway infrastructure exports to other countries in Asia, a Japanese association plans to build a transit system in the city of Bangkok, Thailand.

Toshiba, Japan’s multinational electronics conglomerate corporation and East Japan Railway have agreed to a deal that estimated a price of 40 billion yen or equivalent to US$405 million for building the urban transit system that will be located in Bangkok.

Japanese Railway Will Broaden Their Overseas Connections

The operators of the Japanese railway are already expected to be able to broaden their connections overseas. With this, it is planned that they will join forces together with the trading houses and heavy-industry manufacturers so they can promote for their inclusive services.

East Japan Railway Plans To Target A Deal Between Singapore And Malaysia

Now, the East Japan Railway aims to win the contract to also build the high speed train line between the two countries – Singapore and Malaysia.

The Central Japan Railway has already offered the technology for the Automatic Train Control System renovation on the super express train service in Taiwan.

For now, the Tokyo Metro is cooperating for the urban transit system in Hanoi.