Dolphin Killings Continue

Dolphin Killings Continue

On Friday, a new group of dolphins was driven and led into the cove where all the killings happened.

It was only last weekend when the world witnessed the activity in shock, while more than 200 dolphins waited for what would happen to them in the killing cove.

Fifty-two dolphins have been up for the selection of representatives coming from swim-with-dolphins programs and marine parks.

The first one was an albino calf which is estimated to have a worth of 500,000 dollars.

Tuesday Killings

Right after four terrible days, the killing started on Tuesday morning.

There were 41 dolphins that were killed, while the members of the families where they belonged to were soaked in their blood.

The dolphins, which can be seen as not suitable to enter the industry of entertainment or not that heavy to take meat from, were brought back to the waters.

A lot of them, especially those ones which were very young and were separated from their guardians that were killed, were no longer expected to overcome the trauma.

The season of dolphin killings will continue up to early March.