Deal With Bangkok Metro Public Corporation

Deal With Bangkok Metro Public Corporation

It was reported from the Nikkei news that the Bangkok Metro Public Corporation ordered the deal. Under the price that they have agreed, the Japanese group will construct the 14 mile or 23 kilometer rail line in the capital of Thailand. It is set that the rail operation will start in 2016.

The East Japan Railway, which is a major passenger railway company in the country of Japan, together with Toshiba, will supply a total number of 63 train cars. The Japanese group will also build for the signals, rail yards and the power grid. They have also included the 16 stations in their project deal.

East Japan Railway Company is only one of the seven other Railway Group companies in Japan. The name of the company is abbreviated officially as JR East in English. In Japanese, it is abbreviated as JR Higashi-Nihon. The headquarters of the company is found in Yoyogi, Shibuya and in Tokyo. Its train railway lines service primarily the regions of Kanto and Tohoku. They also serve the adjacent areas in Shizouka prefectures and Koshin’etsu region.

Japan Will Provide 20 Technicians Who Will Be Stationed In Bangkok Under 10-Year Contract

It is also a part of the project that the Japanese group will render maintenance services as covered in their ten-year contract. Japan should provide 20 technicians who will be stationed in Bangkok, Thailand and all of these technicians should be expert in the operation.