‘Cool Japan’ Project Success

‘Cool Japan’ Project Success

Tokyo fashion week is held two times a year. This fashion week plays a key role in the campaign “Cool Japan”. This season, washi paper was mixed with silk and this mixture was transmitted into traditional kimonos.

The fund for Cool Japan kicks off in November. The campaign wants to help the firms in Japan to promote their work and their culture.
The Prime Minister Shinzo Abe thinks of it as a way of going back to the cool times that were a characteristic for the Japanese people. The Japanese are a cool nation which has promoted so many cool technological gadgets, like for example, the “Walkman”.
The Tokyo Fashion Week will last for one week and it will show the Spring/Summer 2014 collections. The first day was on Monday, when it was noticed that the number of foreign buyers was doubled from last year.

Among the designers showcasing during Tokyo Fashion Week was the designer Sara Arai, with her brand “araisara”. Her new collection was called “Fantasia”, and it was a sporty and surreal collection consisted of typical Japanese fashion traits like unique color combinations and stylish fabrics. Jackets were made of washi paper and silk and were paired with shots and flowing dresses in green and blue. Many dresses had prints from sunflowers on them. Arai told the journalists that for her collection, the materials used are a mixture of traditional techniques and modern technology. This mixture helps her making unique things. She  says that she wants to use the fashion and creating to show what are the skills that can be found only in Asia. The campaign for “Cool Japan” seems like a simple entertainment thing for many people, but actually, it’s way more than that.

The deputy director of the Creative Industries Division at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan, Yuichi Moronaga, said that fashion on its own and the whole fashion week are in the center of the “Cool Japan” campaign. The image that everyone has for Japan is anime and manga, but the Japanese people want to be known for more than that, for different things and services. The most attractive things in Japan’s fashion world must be the materials, the buttons and ribbons, and the whole styling of the traditional kimono. The kimono is the hallmark of Tamae Hirokawa’s collections. He shows his collection on Monday, at the opening.

Japan is not the only goal for the Japanese designers, they want to spread their businesses to some other countries in Asia too.
The attention that is paid to the Japanese fashion is ever growing, with the help of live streaming on the Internet of many fashion shows. There are 37 brands that will show their collections during Tokyo Fashion Week, and 5 of them are debutants.