A Japanese Tradition

A Japanese Tradition

Japanese officials have already released their response and said that the dolphin killings were a “tradition” in Japan.

On the other hand, people are saying that the dolphin hunt series started in 1969. This just makes it less traditional compared to the existence of the Rolling Stones.

As the Japanese officials continued, they said that the dolphin killings have no difference from the hunting of animals to get food which appeal more to the tastes of the Westerners.

But just like the tradition’s cloak, it appears that animal butchery to acquire food conceals a truth that is less pleasing.

The Killers’ Earnings

Locally, the dolphins sold alive generate so many tens of thousands of dollars from each.

If the earnings of the hunters from the selling of 52 dolphins in captivity are conservatively estimated, the total might just reach three million dollars.

The dolphins, which are slaughtered for their meat, bring some few hundred dollars from each head.

Thus, the 41 dolphins which were killed on Tuesday may have given their killers somewhere lower than 20,000 dollars.

According to reports from The New York Times, the meat coming from dolphins is barely an important source of food.

Only a few people of Japan eat whale meat and the case is even rarer for dolphin meat.